Mercoledì, 24 Febbraio 2016 13:36 | Users respond to Tsotsobe #pushalertgate

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Cape Town - So, News24 set the Twittersphere alight briefly on Thursday, but not for the usual reasons.

A bug on the News24 mobile app caused multiple push alerts for a Sport24

story, “Tsotsobe under match-fixing investigation”, to be sent repeatedly to all our iOS and Android app users.

We are pleased to say our app team have tended to the problem, but not before the incident could bring the best out of the internet and its extremely sharp users.

What better way to tell you that the problem is being attended to, than by poking fun at the obvious annoyance this would have caused, for which we once again apologise…

When the notifications were first sent out, most users started venting their frustration quite politely.

@News24 Your app's glitching... We get that Lonwabo Tsotsobe under match-fixing investigation.

— Avian Bell (@AvianBell) February 25, 2016

@News24 is it only me, or is ur app as excited as I am that Tsotsobe not good enough for Proteas and won't be playing anymore? #AppAttack

— Irshaad Vallee (@ValleeB0i) February 25, 2016

And then it started escalating.

I think the @News24 app really wants me to know that "Lonwabo Tsotsobe under match-fixing investigation"

— Ian F (@Oxymoronic_Ian) February 25, 2016

@News24 PLEASE make the newsflashes STOP!!!!!! I've received about 200 messages about Tsotsobe already. Just not THAT important.

— Martin Stabrey (@mstabes) February 25, 2016

@News24 I get it lonwabo Tsotsobe is under investigation for match fixing.... The 100 notifications are overkill

— A_Pimp_Named MaK_G (@Da_MaK_G) February 25, 2016

@News24's notifications on Lonwabo Tsotsobe be like

— AbortedNews (@AbortedNews) February 25, 2016

When @News24 sends you 9 thousand and 6 million 4 thousand and 6 billion notifications on Lonwabo Tsotsobe

— AbortedNews (@AbortedNews) February 25, 2016

It took a parody account to see at least one person worse off than News24’s 15 minutes of app infamy.

Everyone complaining about the numerous @News24 notifications about Tsotsobe - it could be worse.

You could be Tsotsobe.

— ANN7Reporter (@ANN7Reporter) February 25, 2016

And at least one person was genuinely shocked by the news.


shared via News24

— Mrs Putin #TeamTokyo (@Molemole_S) February 25, 2016

In all seriousness, we apologise for the inconvenience and annoyance caused.

Our IT team have tended to the problem, and a solution has been found for now.

We will alert you and all our users when the problem has been fixed permanently.


The News24 team.

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