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<div> | Arrested Tuks students were targeted – Madonsela's daughter</div>

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Pretoria – Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's daughter,Wenzile Madonsela, claims University of Pretoria students who were arrestedlast week were targeted by the university.

“There was a list that was circulated of students who

they[university] wanted [them] to be arrested. Those arrests were not by chance,” Madonsela,who is the Economic Freedom Fighters' general secretary at the institution,told News24.

“They thought momentum would be gone with the arrests.”

At least 27 people were arrested last week on Friday forpublic violence and appeared in court on Monday. Charges against three of themwere dropped, leaving 24 students to stand trial.

Arrests off campus

University spokesperson, Anna-Retha Bouwer, said theinstitution had nothing to do with who was arrested on the day. She added thatthey could not intervene or assist in paying bail as the arrests took placeoutside the university's premises.

“The arrests happened off campus and the police made thearrests. The university could not intervene by saying arrest this one and letthis one go,” she said.

Madonsela accused the university of failing to assist thestudents. She said the move to target and isolate student leaders was addingfuel to an already raging fire at the university.

“They are just agitating and aggravating the students evenmore. The passive aggression is now gone, there is raw anger where students aretired of being victimised, tired of being second class citizens, tired of thedivisions and Afrikaans classes and constantly being undermined by theuniversity.

Institutional racism

“They are tired of institutional racism, they are tired ofbeing black before [being] students and the university doesn’t care, but wewill make them care whether it’s through legal recourse or protest. I won’t gofor anarchy because I’m not an anarchist but it's time,” she said.

Students at the university have been protesting overlanguage policy. The protests have resulted in the closure of the institution,including on Monday.

Bouwer said due to the disruptions, academic activities onthe Hatfield campus, lectures and tests that were scheduled were temporarilypostponed on Monday.

Madonsela called on the university to withdraw the chargesagainst the students.

“Until the charges are dropped, we will continue to agitateand frustrate [the] campus," she said.

"Yes we are losing academic time but [with our fight]ours is [to say] academics first. [Our fight] is not to take time from thestudents but to promote equality on campus. The same kind of environment, thesame rights that any other student has."

Shot by the police. The life of the black child does not matter, assaulted yesterday and shot down today

— Wenzile Madonsela (@whimzee_m) February 19, 2016
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