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<div> | Thuli Madonsela's daughter speaks out against racial abuse at Tuks</div>

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Pretoria - Thuli Madonsela's daughter, Wenzile, who is theEFF's general secretary at the University of Pretoria, has told News24 how sheand other students - and their mothers - were insulted during a

protest overlanguage last week.

Wenzile, an outspoken Economic Freedom Fighters studentleader on the main campus, said the verbal attacks on her and her fellowprotesters were of an extreme racist nature.

Madonsela, a law student, said the insults came from AfriForumYouth members, but the organisation's spokesperson told News24 he was not awareof this, and that he would not condone such behaviour.

Madonsela said the insults were preceded by an attack beforea debate on language policy at the university with members of AfriForum Youthon Thursday afternoon.

- Watch: Wenzile Madonsela describes protest

"They [AfriForum Youth] were there in their numbers.The university has hired bouncers on top of Fidelity [campus security company]using R2 million a month to control us as the Economic Freedom Fighters andother students who are engaging in any protest. They barricaded us andAfriForum then attacked me, took off my beret under the watch of theuniversity," she said.

“Those people were mandated to choose us as the aggressors.We did not do anything. They were the same people who were whispering to us, 'jouma se poes', you’re a fucking kaffir, you’re a monkey'. They were agitatingus."

AfriForum national co-ordinator Morne Mostert said he couldnot confirm the incident as he hadn’t seen anything. He said they did nottolerate such behaviour from members. He said they would look into the matter.

"We don’t give instructions to behave like that. Webelieve in mutual respect and want that for all students. I don’t think thatone of our members would do that, but when the matter is brought to us, we willhandle it and see if it did happen," said Mostert.

University spokesperson Anna-Retha Bouwer said they wouldnot tolerate hate speech.

"We can't comment on individual fights but as a whole,the university does not condone unlawful action and hate speech would be one.That action goes against the social cohesion that we are trying to build at theuniversity," she said.

Legal action

Mandonsela, who is the daughter of Public Protecor ThuliMadonsela and a member of the EFF student command, said Thursday’s clashesresulted in students protesting on Friday and shutting down the campus. Atleast 27 people were arrested on the day for public violence and they appearedin court on Monday. Charges against three of them were dropped, leaving only 24students to stand trial.

"Police were there and some students were throwingstones, but not necessarily from the EFF student command. They released teargasand started shooting while our backs were towards them, but I know legally theyare not allowed to shoot you when your back is towards them.

"I got injured and I’m taking the university to taskbecause I’m a student of the University of Pretoria and their first priority isto protect the students and not to protect the institution," she said.

Madonsela said she would be taking legal action against theAfriForum member who attacked her.

"I will be taking legal action against the guy fromAfriForum, SAPS and the University of Pretoria because we can’t have this.Someone needs to be held accountable. We can’t continuously be victimised oncampus," she said.

Shot by the police. The life of the black child does not matter, assaulted yesterday and shot down today

— Wenzile Madonsela (@whimzee_m) February 19, 2016
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