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Weekly Reading List, 15-21 February 2016

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Internet can be a marvellous place, but sometimes too much stuff is written on too many websites, making it hard to keep up with the constant stream of news. Sometimes, it

can get even harder to tell apart those pieces of information that are really relevant from those that, well, are not. This is why this Monday we are kicking off our weekly reading list of articles published all over the net in the last seven days.

Our goal is to give you a place to catch up on what we consider to be the most important news, op-eds, blog articles, and papers that you may have missed during what must have been a hectic last week. We only select quality articles that we regard as worth your time. However, the fact that the net is a messy place also means that there may be more, and there may be better: this is why if you don’t find your favourite articles in here, we suggest you give us Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

Finally, within our reading list you will never find stuff behind a paywall. There are a lot of incredibly detailed articles that can be found online if only you are subscribed to professional services (or even just pay-to-read newspapers), and they could surely be worth your time – but our purpose is to deliver the best stuff right at your door, not to nudge you into paying for reading.

So now that you know what to expect, here we go with this week’s best articles!

– Commission proposes new rules on gas and a heating and cooling strategy (European Commission)
– Will the GCC be able to adjust to lower oil prices? and The relationship between stocks and oil prices (Brookings Institution)
– Il mercato del petrolio nel territorio dell’irrazionale (GME Newsletter – in Italian)
– The new normal: oil prices after the crash (Dieter Helm)
– Initial production rates in tight oil formations continue to rise (US Energy Information Administration)
– Biofuels are back on the EU agenda and A health check for the oil majors: not dead yet (Energy Post)
– Just How Accurate Are The EIA’s Predictions? and The Billion Dollar Biofuel That Fell 2.7 Billion Gallons Short (
– BP's View of Electric Cars Looks Unrealistic (The Energy Collective)
– Plummeting coal use and peaking stockpiles (The Hill)
– China's Nuclear Industry Goes Global (The Diplomat)
– Suddenly, the Solar Boom Is Starting to Look like a Bubble (MIT Technology Review)
– Cheniere Energy's Operating Costs Breakdown (SeekingAlpha)
– Cheniere Readies First LNG Shipment, Facing Challenging Market (
– Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels? (Journal of Economic Perspectives)
– Anche la Shell lascia l'Adriatico (Porto Ravenna News – in Italian)

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