Giovedì, 11 Febbraio 2016 11:12 | Zuma: I asked many times how much I should pay back for Nkandla

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Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma said he did not backtrackon paying back the money for Nkandla, but rather waited for parliamentaryprocesses to decide on how to act.

Zuma was speaking on

Friday at the post State of the Nation(SONA) discussion at the The New Age Business brief in Cape Town.

“I do not think there was a change in my view with thismatter. The public protector report said there was nothing wrong. But she didsay there was a few items she had a view of that did not qualify as securityelements and felt the president and family need to pay back a reasonableamount. She did not say how much.

“She then said the minister of police and minister of financemust determine what needs to be paid.”

Zuma added that determination has not yet been made.

“There are many times when I asked how much I must pay back,but no one knows. There was a political perception I am not going to pay.Paying that money is not admitting anything wrong.

“There was a thorough investigation into this matter. Peopleneed to respect that.”

The president delivered his annual address to the nation onThursday evening, to the heckling and subsequent walk-out or Economic FreedomFighters and also Congress of the People members.

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