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<div> | You don't get to choose the president, Zuma tells opposition</div>

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Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma on Friday called on political parties who criticised him and the ruling African National Congress to rather focus on their own policies.

He said those who

wanted him to step down as president should first understand that "Zuma belongs to an organisation called the ANC".

Speaking at a post State of the Nation (SONA) breakfast hosted by The New Age, Zuma said the country's leader is determined by the ruling party, not the opposition.

"They will choose among themselves the one who will lead. The system we are practising - democracy - says the majority prevails. If you are a minority you have your own views and cannot convince the population otherwise.

"Someone once called voters of the ANC 'voting cows'. It is wrong. It is out of order. Saying people who have their own views are stupid is not correct. Democracy does not work like that. You will always have those that disagree but how do you handle your views is vital."

He said that with the upcoming elections in 2019, parties must focus on policy and understand they are not respecting democracy "by saying one person must fall".

"You cannot disrespect rules in our country. It is the voting force that decides which party must lead. I do not understand democrats out there. You hate dictators but you do not accept the system you are supposed to follow.

"They don't have hatred for me, they just move with the wind. Shame on them. The ANC has policies.

"When we go for elections we will see. We don't have time to talk about other parties because we are busy ruling. The problem with other parties is they talk about ANC and not themselves."

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