Giovedì, 11 Febbraio 2016 09:11 | Iconic Durban curry house uses 1996 prices to help ease drought burden

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Durban - An iconic Durban curry house is putting their moneywhere the mouths are, bringing back their prices from 1996 in response to thedrought crippling the country.

Sunrise Chip 'n Ranch, also

known as Johnny's Rotis, haslisted curries, bunny chows and rotis for as little as R5.

The family-owned business has been operating for nearlythree decades and remains a Durban staple.

Speaking to News24, owner Akash Brijanund said that in thewake of the drought, food prices had soared and everyone was feeling the pinch.

"The way I look at it... 2015 was a tough year foreveryone and the economy at large. This year going to be difficult and it isclear to see that people are struggling out there," he said.

'This is our way of giving back'

Brijanund said they had themselves been feeling the pressureof rising costs, but that the customer would always come first.

"We are feeling it ourselves. The drought which isaffecting the country has pushed the price of food up and everything has goneup in price.

"Over the years we have given a service to ourcustomers and they have supported us. This is our way of giving back and givingback to people from all walks of life."

He said that business has been frenetic since the specialswere launched, and that they had had to find more bakeries and producesuppliers to keep up with the demand.

"Things are so busy and chaotic and my phones have beenringing non-stop since we started this special. People want to know if it isreal or if this whole thing is a joke.

"People can't believe that we have brought back theprices we used 20 years ago, but we are here for our public. My late dad toldme to look after the man on the street. They will be the ones who support youwhen business is good and when business is bad.

"For 27 years we have been known for having the largestrotis in the country. My dad decided to increase the size... so that ourcustomer gets value at an affordable price. Our rotis will give you manymeals," Brijanund said.

The special offer started on February 1 and will go on untilMarch 15.

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