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<div> | Malema delivers 'real' State of the Nation address</div>

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Cape Town - EFF president Julius Malema delivered what hecalled the "real" State of the Nation address outside Parliament onThursday night, competing with President Jacob Zuma's voice booming throughspeakers on the precinct.

"This man who is speaking here is the same who hassaid that he has breached the oath of office," said Malema, pointing toZuma on the screen in the parliamentary precinct, a bead of sweat tricking downhis cheek after the party left noisily on the command of Speaker Baleke Mbete.

The party's MPs had arrived earlier in a red wave as theywalked from a side entrance down the red carpet, singing and dancing in theirboiler red boiler suits.

"Let us go there, let us go there," shouted MPand party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, excitedly waving at the top of thesteps to the Marks Building which houses opposition MPs.

The throng of photographers, who had been waiting infront of the two policemen at the exit, rushed over to get a good spot to snapthe MPs standing triumphantly at the top of the steps.

Looking down at the media, police and support staff,Malema - flanked by Ndlozi and his deputy Floyd Shivambu - seemed elated by theturn of events as they waited for photographers to take their positions.

"Here, you will hear the real state of the nationaddress," said Malema.

He said Zuma had breached the code of his office anddeliberately not implemented Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's remedialactions.

"Therefore, you cannot agree as a legitimate leaderof a legitimate party, elected by the people on the principal ofanti-corruption, agree to be addressed by a criminal, which has admitted thathe is a thug, that he has stolen money and he is now prepared to pay back thatmoney.

"So we are also are not convinced that Zuma shouldspeak to us, because Zuma has put this government and country in a seriouscrisis because he appointed three finance ministers within four days. Thatis unacceptable."

He put the blame for the country's economic woes onZuma's "reckless" actions.

"So this is a man who has not put the interests ofSouth Africa first. This is a man who has not protected the Constitution. Thisis a man who has said the ANC comes first, not the country.

"'But we had to go inside and say that, to us, hedoesn't exist and we will never respect him."

He said if the ANC did not remove Zuma, the EFF wouldhave him impeached.

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