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Durban - "In the moment I was just scared. It wasscary, especially because I am a father myself. I didn't want the child todie."

This was the recollection of Umhlanga Sands GuestServices

manager Meresh Sukdeo, who has been lauded as a hero afterresuscitating a 7-year-old boy who nearly drowned in the beachfront resort'spool at the weekend.

"We were at the front desk and one of our poolattendants came running to us and told us that a kid had drowned," hesaid.

"I rushed outside to the pool and found that thechild was lying on our stage, which is next to the pool, and I went to thechild's side and started CPR," he said.

Sukdeo said that as the adrenalin surged, his trainingtook over.

"You’re kneeling there and doing the CPR and thechild was not responding. I felt fear. I was just telling the kid to breatheand when he finally opened his eyes and started crying it was like a wave ofrelief had washed over me," he said.

"I couldn’t have been doing it for longer than aminute-and-a-half before the boy opened his eyes and started screaming andcrying."

Just four days after the boy's brush with death, he hasreturned to school.

"You don't get to save a life every day and it wasreally something for me. I did my first aid course in September, so when themoment came for me to use it, everything just seemed fresh in my head and I didit.

"I know guys who have been in the hotel industry whohave never had to use their first aid training. This has changed the way Ithink and I went home on Saturday and told my wife that our two children needto learn how to swim.

"It was a real eye-opener for me," he said.

"I don’t think it is about being a hero. This issomething that anyone would have done for a child. The boy's parents were sograteful and they left a box of chocolates for me. He is back at schooltoday."

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